What is Slut

About (Biography)

Slut is a Satisfied Self
Sensual and Expressive

Sensual Satisfaction
Expression and Exploration
  Society of Self Awareness

Have you been sad?

Sad is good It is a real expression.
Seeking and searching is also very good.

Are you still looking for answers
to questions?

Can I impress that there are no answers? There is no finale, no end, one question leads to another and more information and more! Hopefully More Exploration.

Did you find your answer?
Can I express again that answers should never closed the mind; the door of living.
Any answer that says to pull away from the sensations and sensuality of life is a closed door on life and the living of it.

Sharing this type of expression is why we have the Foundation.
People ask  where to find Slut.
We teach how to find your inner slut and how to attract the sluts that live so freely and joyously that there is always left over time for crying and caring.

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Slut 101: Introduction to Slut
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Slut 123: Body of Slut

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